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The internet has changed the world. It has changed each one of us, individually, whether or not we have ever sat at a computer, clicked a mouse, or sent an email, for we are no longer isolated from each other by time and distance. We can ask questions and get answers, detailed answers with pictures, from down the street or the other side of the earth. It is all literally at our fingertips, and it all happens in nanoseconds...faster than the blink of an eye. No matter what interests you, anything at all from aardvarks to zucchini, with just a few taps on the keys you can dredge up enough on the internet to keep you busy for days. It's incredible, really.

The information pool on the internet is as vast and convoluted as the human imagination. Helping to keep it all sorted out and making things easier to locate, is a simple device known as the 'hyper reference'. With the use of this device, anything from a single word to a large picture can be converted into a button that will bring up its assigned material when pushed. This little 'button' is known as a 'hyperlink' or simply as a 'link'. It is an essential ingredient in internet communication and makes it so much easier to share intriguing finds.

Here we have a small catalog of intriguing finds, links to things that are interesting, funny, compelling, inspiring, informative, curious, shocking, sometimes appalling, always enthralling. This is the very essence of the internet, stuff that you might never come across otherwise. Careful! It may keep you busy for days.

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